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Get Turnt with Turnt Up Tours

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We are pleased to partner with Las Vegas’ premiere Club Crawl operator Turnt Up Tours. Turnt Up Tours will be providing our beautiful VIP hostesses, who will be located at the entrance to festival venues in MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Venetian, and Mandalay Bay. Our hostesses will be wearing Turnt Up Tours laminates and dresses, making them easy to find and they can assist with any questions you might have regarding festival events.


Next time you’re in Vegas, be sure to book a club crawl through Turnt Up Tours by visiting their website at

For festival passes, travel packages,  VIP bookings and more, click here.

Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners

Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners Announced

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We’re thrilled to announce Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners! Each of these winners will receive a FREE EXODUS FESTIVAL PASS via email!


Don’t forget, if you didn’t win a pass to Exodus Las Vegas, you still go into the running to win the grand prize of flights + accommodation + festival passes for two!

The more you enter, the better your chances of winning the Grand Prize. To enter, click here.

Grand Prize winner announced April 12, 2017

Please keep in mind that all draws are auto-generated. If you did not receive your complimentary pass via email (sometimes our robots malfunction), please contact us at

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Get to Know Exodus’ Resident DJ Joyia

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I’m Joyia, a.k.a. Exodus’ resident DJ.

It’s a pretty cool gig if I do say so myself. I always try to make sure that I find cool, new music to get you guys in the Exodus spirit. I mean, it’s an awesome festival, so it needs to be accompanied by awesome music.

I learned how to DJ shortly after going to my first electronic show. I was 16, and had just seen Swedish House Mafia – I know, I miss them too. But can you imagine that? Swedish House Mafia was probably the best DJ group to ever exist (reunion please), and I had just seen them sell out the Rogers Centre in Toronto. In case you’re not from Toronto, let me paint a bit of a picture for you.

The Rogers Centre can hold almost 54,000 people!

Swedish House Mafia sold out both nights. For my first electronic show, it wasn’t too shabby.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Diplo

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His name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, but you might know him a little better as Diplo.

He’s a festival headliner, successful producer for many of music’s biggest names, the owner of a successful record label and a dad to two adorable boys all at the same time.

Diplo with his two boys. Source: Instagram
Diplo with his two boys. Source: Instagram
Born in Tulepo, Mississippi, Pentz grew up in South Florida and spent his days at his dad’s bait shop. He originally wanted to become a palaeontologist, but ended up going to school to study film. He went to a few Florida colleges, and then ended up going to Japan for a bit for a change of scenery. From there, he sent a demo to Will Ashton of Big Dada Records, a UK-based hip hop label. The demo ended up getting him signed to the label, and then he moved back to Philadelphia where he completed his undergraduate degree.

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Being 20 in Las Vegas

The Exodus Diaries: Being 20 in Las Vegas

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Heading to Las Vegas for work wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my first trip to Sin City. I was picturing more of a girls weekend getaway, you know, hitting up the hottest pool parties, eating at the fanciest restaurants and maybe getting to dance a few feet away from one of my favourite DJs but then again, I wasn’t about to turn down a free trip to Vegas.

Being 20 in Las Vegas meant I wasn’t technically old enough to experience one of the most popular entertainment hubs in the world to its full potential – but hey, I made the most of it.

The Arrival

Landing in Las Vegas on the Wednesday evening is one of my fondest memories of the trip – and I hadn’t even stepped foot on the strip, yet! From my window seat, I saw the strip of lights, iridescent in the blackness of the surrounding dessert. As we hopped into a cab on our way to our hotel, I was literally in awe; you know the scene in those movies with the small town girl hanging her head out the cab window drinking in the new surroundings? That was me.

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Look Sexy in Vegas

How to Look Sexy in Vegas, even in the Heat!

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It’s time for a pre-vacation shopping spree so you look sexy in Vegas when you’re partying hard at all the best nightclubs.

Sky high heels, sheer shirts and sparkly accessories I’m sure are all at the top of your packing lists but is this Sin City diva really you? Maybe for some of you, but for others we’ve turned to 14 fashion bloggers who are sharing how they managed to maintain their polished style even in Sin City.

One thing these bloggers all have in common? They want you to transform these outfits and wear each piece over and over again! Talk about breaking a major fashion rule!

White suits make a bold statement. If you’re looking for some attention. Rock it with some sexy lingerie like Shea Marie.

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Vegas Rocks

17 Reasons Why Vegas Rocks

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I’m going to Vegas this year for Exodus and I’m beyond excited! I bet you are too. And if you’re not going, I’ve got 17 reasons why Vegas rocks for you!

1. I’ve been wearing a heavy winter jacket for about 4 months now.
Vegas gets HOT. Trust me, I’m ready.
2. I’m a total foodie.
Have you seen the list of restaurants in Vegas?!
3. Three Words: Exodus. DJ. Lineup.

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Hitched in Vegas

The Weirdest Ways to Get Hitched in Vegas!

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“Vegas is all about being unconventional. Nobody knows this better than marriage-minded visitors.” – Blog Vegas

Ever thought about eloping to Vegas like they do in the movies? Well you’re not the only one. 80,000 other couples every year come to get hitched in Vegas! Why? It’s just so easy to do!

We’ve put together a list of some of the weirdest ways to get married in Vegas and get this – none of them involve Elvis Presley serenading you and your honey down the aisle.

The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York
Marriage is a roller coaster so they say but for some who said their “I do’s” at The Big Apple Coaster they not only mean it figuratively but literally as well!

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