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The 5 Lushest Hotel Suites In Vegas

The 5 Lushest Hotel Suites In Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 21/10/2019

Las Vegas is a city with many names, but whether you call it by its official title or the more colloquial City of Sin, luxury is still going to play a massive part in what you think of the area. Nowhere on Earth is more renowned for mind-boggling hotel rooms and suites, which is why we’ve decided to put together a list of the 5 most extravagant hotel suites available in the city.

The interior of a Ceasars Palace Villa.

1: The Villas at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of those names everybody instinctively associates with living the good life in Las Vegas, and once you’ve had a look at some of the incredibly furious suites they have on offer, it’s easy to understand why. The hotel provides a number of different villas, with the largest among them spanning more than 9000 square feet. These suites offer some of the most impressive luxuries to be found anywhere, including a games room, a private spa, and a ginormous fish tank filled with exotic species from all over the world.

2: The Cosmopolitan’s Penthouses

If you’re interested in a panoramic view of the Nevada landscape, it’s hard to beat the top-floor penthouses which are available at the Cosmopolitan. The minimum amount to qualify for a stay is one million dollars, meaning that these spaces are effectively reserved for only the highest of rollers; but if you can part with the cash, you can look forward to a period of comfort you won’t easily find matched elsewhere. Designed by industry-famous interior designers, these suites max out at about 5000 square feet of space and feature bars, grand pianos, and more. As if the pot needed to be any sweeter, the final touch put on the Cosmopolitan’s Penthouses is a private jet service that residents will have access to.

3: The Sky Villa at Palms Casino

Located in the world-famous Fantasy Tower, the Sky Villa suites have been designed to be as lush as is humanly possible. Recently renovated, the current offerings now include dining areas, a large bar, a private massage room, a fitness room, and a sauna, as well as a personal servant who is on hand 24/7 to take care of the occupants’ every whim. Spanning two whole floors all on its own, there’s even a luxury pool that is walled by glass, meaning you truly can feel like you’re on top of the world when you spend some time in this lush hotel suite.

4: MGM Grand’s Skylofts

Starting at 1400 square feet, the duplex lofts to be found at the well-known MGM Grand all balance characteristic Vegas extravagance with a degree of sophistication. Airport transfers are only carried out in a Rolls Royce, while every room has enormous living areas and the very latest in modern, metropolitan decor trends. And if it all gets to be a bit too much, residents have easy access to what’s called the Skylounge, which is always open for cocktails and appetizers and can prove an excellent way to meet some of your fellow Vegas-goers in a relaxed, high-class setting.

5: The Palazzo Suites at Rio Las Vegas

The Palazzo Suites have become famous since their inception for the fact that every single suite offers a jacuzzi tub right out on the balcony. Granted, this is pretty exceptional, and it’s hard to imagine anything much more luxurious than sitting outside in your very own private hot tub, watching the Strip’s constant activity unfold far beneath your feet. There’s more to life than hot tubs, though, which is why 24-hour butler service has been thrown into the package. The decor inside is an attractive blend of late-stage interior design trends and old-school cool, meaning just about anybody will be able to feel right at home—assuming it’s possible to feel at home when you’ve got a jacuzzi on the balcony!


No matter where it is you’re thinking of going, don’t forget that in Vegas, the more lush, the better. Regular standards of taste and limitations simply don’t apply here, which is a large part of the reason for the area’s worldwide fame. And if the very highest levels of luxury are what you’re after, you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to one of the suites mentioned above.

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