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Artist Spotlight — Diplo

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 17/01/2020

When you think of EDM, trap, electro and house music, Diplo probably pops into your head as one of the greatest artists of this genre, right? We thought so. Not to mention Major Lazer, which Diplo himself created and leads. He exploded into the dance music market and is now an indisputable legend!

Having worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Shakira, Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears (to name only a few), he really is a force to be reckoned with.

Since Diplo will be performing here at Exodus Las Vegas, we figured we would delve into this American dream of a man so you can be all clued up before you bust your favourite moves to his banging beats.

Close up of Diplo performing a DJ set

Diplodocus — The Early Days

Diplo was born with music running through his veins. No wonder he has made such a splash in the industry.

Thomas Wesley Pentz was born on 10 November 1978 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His father and mother had a taste for home-grown rap which they instilled in their son and unknowingly shaped his production style for the future. Well, that and the Miami bass, of course, thanks to being in that area for most of his younger life.

He attended the University of Central Florida and while studying he started life as a DJ at the radio station, WPRK. Once he decided to continue his education in Philadelphia, he began to pick up traction in the dance music world and, after a while, started hosting parties with DJ Low Budget so they could throw out unstoppable, brilliant mixes. Amazingly, these discos allowed both of these guys to release their own mixtapes which spread across the country, picking up fans and admirers as they went.

This early exposure allowed Diplo to gain all of the attention necessary to build a studio which, after he did just that, is now the hub of recordings by people like Shakira, M.I.A., Spank Rock, Glass Candy, Paper Route Gangstaz and Christina Aguilera.

Yep, he truly busted out into the industry with strength, power and a whole boatload of talent!

Diplo Discography

In 2004, Diplodocus dropped his album called Florida which he then re-released in 2014 with 10 new tracks and some additional commentary. The perfect way to round out the last ten years of excellence we think!

Of course, due to Diplo being a man of many talent avenues, he has put out albums and tracks under various duo names such as Major Lazer, LSD, Silk City and Jack Ü, featuring a whole host of artists that you may (or may not) have heard of.

In 2018, LSD released its Thunderclouds song which blew up in our faces, playing countless times on the radio and pumping through the speakers in every hip hop venue, in a wonderous amount of countries. Plus, in 2016 he hopped on board with Justin Bieber and Skrillex to whack out the flawless “Where Are Ü Now” track that had millions of listens. No wonder why we are so happy that Diplo is in Las Vegas!

Diplo — His Awards

In 2016 Diplo won two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronic Album for the aforementioned “Where Are Ü Now” track — quite the accolade!

More recently, however, he achieved the Radio Show of the Year award in 2017 and then, he received the Grammy for the Best Dance Recording (again) in 2019 for the song Electricity, which featured Mark Ronson and Dua Lipa. He has certainly grown accustomed to a wealth of attention, exposure and success — all well and truly deserved since his beats have everyone up on their feet.

Close up of Diplo performing one of his sets

Diplo in Las Vegas

A party wouldn’t be the same without Diplo in Las Vegas. Thankfully, he is a resident on our stages at some of the hippest nightclubs around like Encore Beach Club, OMNIA Nightclub and Hakkasan! Vegas is the place to be if you are up for cutting shapes to bass-filled tunes and excellent light shows. You’ll have to get in quick though because his blend of house, pop, trap and electro have people flocking to his venues!

If you are ultra-pumped to see Diplo in Las Vegas, then Exodus is your one-stop-shop. Grab yourself an All In One Access Pass to be admitted into all the best shows around the city, every single weekend this summer. You will regret it if you don’t — no one should have to miss out on Diplo’s dynamic, dance-heavy tracks!

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