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Artist Spotlight - The Chainsmokers

Artist Spotlight – The Chainsmokers

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 14/08/2019

The Chainsmokers have taken the world by storm with their catchy pop tracks, dj skills and everything in between.

While many assume that the hit-making duo are a relatively new act, they’ve actually been in the music game for quite some time.

As the final weekend of Exodus Las Vegas is fast-approaching, we thought we’d delve into the early days of The Chainsmokers and their interesting ride to global fame.

The Chainsmokers in Vegas, performing at Exodus 2019

Creating The Chainsmokers

Before they became The Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall were complete strangers, both trying to establish their music careers. They studied music after high school, with Taggart attending the prestigious Music & Entertainment Bandier program at Syracuse University, and Pall majoring in music business and art history at New York University.

After graduating, Pall was hoping to make it big as a professional DJ while Taggart has more interest in producing. In 2012, their worlds collided as their now-manager brought them together to create a pop EDM powerhouse.

In previous interviews, the duo have mentioned Deadmau5 and Pharell as major influences on their sound. The Chainsmokers’ vibe can be best described as light yet sharp beats, and most importantly, fun. We have to give it to them, their music is incredibly infectious.

Commercial Success

For Taggart and Pall, the journey to success didn’t happen overnight, nor was it an easy ride. The duo faced rejection by multiple venues that they not only play, but occasionally sell out now. They also faced multiple PR issues stunting their growth. However, the pair’s drive and determination pulled them through and ultimately got them to where they are today.

Early in their careers, The Chainsmokers worked with Priyanka Chopra, a popular Indian actress and singer. The single featuring her vocals, “Erase”, did get some attention, but wasn’t gaining traction as they had hoped. Once they released the song #Selfie in 2014 (yes, that song) they truly gained the attention of the world. Selfie became an instant hit amongst younger demographics, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, as well as top 10 on dance charts. It’s safe to say that the song was an absolute banger, especially after it sold over ten million copies.

Selfie sparked The Chainsmokers’ position as international artists. Many argue that 2016 was, so far, the most successful year for the duo. After becoming recognized internationally, they began to collaborate with some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Halsey. Together, they released “Closer”– The Chainsmokers’ biggest hit to date! After “Closer” anchored its #1 spot on the charts, it remained there for nearly ten weeks and simultaneously broke Drake’s previous record.

The single ultimately lead them to playing nearly 300 shows across the world, including some of the most reputable EDM festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra. After being given some of the biggest global stages, the pair showcased their true versatility and highlighted not only their songs, but their dj-ing and producing abilities.

Cut forward to 2019, and The Chainsmokers have continued to grow exponentially.

The Chainsmokers Hit Vegas

The Chainsmokers are now resident DJs at some of Las Vegas’ biggest clubs, including XS Nightclub, Intrigue Nightclub and Encore Beach Club. These venues are well known for hosting the world’s best in EDM, including the likes of Major Lazer, Diplo and more. In addition to their residency, the pair has stayed busy with the release of several hit singles, from “Who Do You Love” to “Do You Mean”.

Although The Chainsmokers’ initial residency in Vegas was contracted for 3 years, they’ve been such a smash hit that they’ve extended their stay by an additional two years. Now, you can hear The Chainsmokers live until 2021! Considering that the pair is always creating something new, you’re guaranteed an incredible, unique EDM experience in Sin City.

You can catch The Chainsmokers as part of Exodus Festival Las Vegas’ season 10 finale. They’ll be playing an epic set at XS Nightswim on September 1st. Swimming, drinking Vegas’ finest cocktails, and tuning in to The Chainsmokers makes for the perfect ending of your Labor Day long weekend. Get your festie besties and grab your passes before they sell out!

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