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Artist Spotlight – Tiësto

Artist Spotlight – Tiësto

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 09/03/2020

One of the most celebrated artists in the world is the talented Dutch DJ, Tiësto. who has been named as the “Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mix Magazine and regarded as the “Godfather of EDM.” He is a master of Progressive house, Electro House, Future House. And Deep House.

So how did he manage to capture the attention of the entire world?

With Tieto’s upcoming performance at Exodus Las Vegas, we thought we’d take the time to put a spotlight on the amazing journey and successes of this Dutch EDM legend – so you can better appreciate his topnotch, live EDM music that will pump through your veins once you’re out on the dance floor. In this Tiësto review, we will reveal all. Enjoy!

Tiësto performing and pointing to a camera at a concert

The Dutch Prodigee

Tiësto was born in Breda located in the Netherlands on the 17th of January 1969. With an immense love for music, Tiësto started at age 12, when he began to put in serious time and effort into the art form. Two years later, at age 14 he was hired by schools at their end of year parties. Even in Tiësto’s early and humble beginnings, you can see he was destined for greatness.

From the years 1985 to 1994, Tiësto began to be a resident DJ at numerous clubs in the Netherlands. One of these clubs is the Spock; this is where the young DJ finetuned his style at performing live.


The year 1994 was significant for Tiësto. This was when he started to release material under the sub-labels Chemo and Coolman under Noculan Records. He also began producing hardcore and gabber tracks using aliases like DJ Limited and Da Joker. Later on, the general manager of the Rotterdam-based Basic Beat Recordings discovered him. So within the same year, 1994, Tiësto signed to Basic Beat Recordings.

This was where he met Arny Bink whom he created the Guardian Angel sub-label with. This sub-label continued releasing music till 2002. In 1997, Bink and Tiësto left Basic Beat and created their own parent label called Black Hole Recordings. Apart from these mentioned, there are numerous sub-labels associated with him for the years 1994 to 2002.

Tiësto performing at a nightclub, pointing out at the audience

Smashing Records

In 1998, Tiësto teamed up with a fellow Dutch DJ, Ferry Corsten, to create the trance based duo of Gouryella. The first track under this project which was also named “Gouryella” was released the next year and became a huge hit around the world. His next single, which was called “Walhalla”, was also a massive success, globally.

Around the same time, Tiësto began performing as the resident DJ at Gatecrasher in Amsterdam. Shortly after, Tiësto made “Summerbreeze”, a dance mix compilation that served as his debut in the U.S. No surprise, this was yet another global success.

In the year 2001, Tiësto created “Magik Muzik”, his first solo album which, again, unsurprisingly, contained five major hits including “Industry” and “Flight 643.” Almost every album Tiësto ever made ends up a massive success such as “Just Be”, “Elements of Life”, “Kaleidoscope” and more. If you want to get familiar with Tiësto’s style, we recommend you listen to these hits: Jackie Chan – Tiësto & Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone, Red Lights, Wasted ft. Matthew Koma, and Secrets – Tiësto & KSHMR ft. Vassy.

Tiësto In Vegas

Even though this legendary DJ is actually based in the Netherlands, he graces Las Vegas with his presence regularly to the delight of adoring fans. Your Las Vegas visit simply isn’t complete without seeing a Tiësto show.

Ready for a dose of Tiësto’s epic EDM? Ready for an incomparable Tiësto Las Vegas experience? Then don’t forget to grab your All Access Pass to Exodus Festival early on so you are guaranteed a spot to see him live!

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