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LIFE OF A DJ: Above & Beyond

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This British trio has made their name known in the trance world, and are renown among EDM fans everywhere. They’ve always been about the music, and they made it especially known when they decided to turn their entire album into an acoustic masterpiece. That’s one tour we’ll definitely never forget!

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He’s a dad, a DJ, a worldwide icon, and a producer for some of the biggest names not only in EDM, but in general. There are only 24 hours in a day – HOW does he do it all?

To be completely honest, we really don’t know. Diplo, if you see this and want to shed some light…please let us know.

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LIFE OF A DJ: Kaskade

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As one of the kings of EDM, you can imagine Kaskade has a lot going on – and you’re 100% right.

The EDM legend just released Redux EP 002, the follow up EP to Redux 001. It’s nothing short of amazing, and it showcases the Kaskade we all know and love. There’s some deep house in there, but he also gets a bit experimental. We’re not complaining.

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LIFE OF A DJ: Alesso

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Exodus Halloween Weekend is gearing up to be a pretty wild ride. Our recent lineup release has us buzzing, and we STILL have another announcement coming! (Hint: Keep your eyes peeled on our socials this Monday!!!)

We want you to have the scoop on everything, so we’re giving you a little look into the lives of our Exodus headliners. First up? Alesso.

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Celebrate Halloween with Exodus

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It’s been a big season for us so far, and we’re not done yet. For the first time ever, Exodus is taking over Las Vegas for Halloween weekend!

Our last festival of the season, happening from October 27th – 31st, 2017, is going to be nothing short of amazing. After all, we’re Exodus – when have we not delivered one of the best weekends you’ve ever had? If you’re an Exodus veteran, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t been to Exodus yet…what are you doing?

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