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The Exodus Diaries: Being 20 in Las Vegas

The Exodus Diaries: Being 20 in Las Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

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Heading to Las Vegas for work wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my first trip to Sin City. I was picturing more of a girls weekend getaway, you know, hitting up the hottest pool parties, eating at the fanciest restaurants and maybe getting to dance a few feet away from one of my favourite DJs but then again, I wasn’t about to turn down a free trip to Vegas.

Being 20 in Las Vegas meant I wasn’t technically old enough to experience one of the most popular entertainment hubs in the world to its full potential – but hey, I made the most of it.

The Arrival

Landing in Las Vegas on the Wednesday evening is one of my fondest memories of the trip – and I hadn’t even stepped foot on the strip, yet! From my window seat, I saw the strip of lights, iridescent in the blackness of the surrounding dessert. As we hopped into a cab on our way to our hotel, I was literally in awe; you know the scene in those movies with the small town girl hanging her head out the cab window drinking in the new surroundings? That was me.

The quiet side of Vegas

One of my favourite pastimes was just taking my time strolling down the strip every morning before my shift at the ticketing centre. Want to walk the strip without the crowds and drunken fools, feeling the sun beating down on you? Take your morning coffee to go and hit the strip early. You’ll be happy you did.

Being 20 in Vegas meant I couldn’t take full advantage of the night life (or even the day life – no pool parties for me!) I instead enjoyed the sober side of Sin City. I attended one of the most popular shows in Vegas Le Reve. Some critics say it resembles Cirque Du Soleil. La Reve was a great production full of energy, acrobatics and aquatic talents. Not only is it worth seeing, but the production itself is typically hosted at some of Vegas’ most extravagant hotels. It gave me a pretty good excuse to just wander around and get lost in these larger than life places.

Being 20 in Las Vegas, the sky’s the limit

My family flew down to join me in Vegas, which was pretty cool. (I was also also excited Mom could treat me to some real food! I’d been living on pizza for three days! Thanks, Mom!)

We took a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is an absolute must for all Vegas travellers. Even if helicopters aren’t your jam, you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon by foot. We wanted the full blown helicopter tour – as they say, “go big or go home.”

helicopter tour

We finished the day off with an amazing meal at Giada’s restaurant at the Crosby Hotel, I had to board my redeye flight back to Toronto that night.

It was a short lived trip but I couldn’t be happier to have had that experience. Looking forward to seeing you all again in May for Season 8.

Look out though, because this girl’s 21 now!

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