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Exodus Festival in Las Vegas 2021

Best of Exodus Festival: 2021 Recap

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 08/10/2021

Okay, so we’re going to stop, drop, and roll for a minute here, because Exodus Festival 2021 was 100% fire

Bringing you a multitude of lit EDM weekends spread out over the entirety of 2021, Exodus thanks you for being the life of the party. If you were there, high-five us! If you weren’t… then, NGL, you’re probably living in FOMO land right now. Not to make you jelly on purpose, but to celebrate the best of Exodus Festival, we’ve taken a dive into our archive to celebrate with this 2021 recap. 

Once upon a time in 2021, the vibes were high, the music was lit, the DJs slayed, and the crowd was hyped up. This is the best of Exodus 2021!

About Exodus: The #1 EDM Music Festival in Vegas 

Las Vegas is a mecca for glitzy casinos, high-class dining, world-renowned entertainment, and elite shopping, but this neon paradise has always been predominantly defined by its knack for nightlife

If you are looking for a way to experience Las Vegas with all the feels, you’d better follow Exodus’ lead. 

Exodus Festival holds the key for you and your squad to live the Sin City life to the max in the most cost-friendly and convenient way possible. When it comes to getting VIP access to the hottest pool parties and nightclubs on the Strip, you know that we gotchu, fam!

Watch how we transform Las Vegas’ most popular nightclubs (hello Drai’s, Omnia, and Hakkasan) into unforgettable festivals for the ages with the help of the most talented DJs who slay it like no other. In short, Exodus vibes with you – we get that in Las Vegas, there’s always something to celebrate, because life is just one big party and you are always invited.

Now, let’s wrap up the 2021 season with a bang!  

Lil Jon at Exodus Festival in Las Vegas 2021

The Best of Exodus 2021 

The Chainsmokers 

Do these guys even need an introduction?

You already know who they are, because they’ve broken records and topped the charts more times than you can imagine – who are we even kidding? Y’all already know everyone on this list.

Naturally, the Chainsmokers were huge highlights of Exodus 2021, and they never failed to get the crowd onto their feet in the club. 

First disrupting the music industry with their viral hit, “#Selfie” in 2014, this power duo proved that they indeed came to play… on the airwaves, in the club, at the top of the charts, and into your playlist. With these two, there is no EDM, pop, dance, indie, or hip hop – there is only The Chainsmokers.  

Kat Nova 

EDM, house, and electro pop coming in hot and fresh courtesy of Kat Nova! This queen of the turntables was a fiery presence at Exodus festival 2021, and TBH, none of the parties would have been the same without her. 

Hailing from Moscow, this world-class DJ came to represent with her unprecedented music methods and cool charisma. If you ever felt the ground shaking at Drai’s Beach Club, no need to panic, it’s just because the crowd was jumping up and down to beats by sassy classy DJ Kat Nova. 

Black Coffee 

If you don’t like your coffee black, then you can’t sit with us. 

This master DJ is a true force to be reckoned with, and trust us when we say that his beats might even be more lovable and addictive than a piping hot cup of black coffee on a rainy Monday morning. 

Making his big debut in 2005, Black Coffee smashed records with his lit remix of High Masekela’s 1972 hit, “Stimela”. That same year, he became his own boss by dropping a self-titled album and built his own record company, Soulistic Music. 

His shining presence during the Exodus 2021 could give the neon lights on the Strip a run for their money.


We want to thank Marshmello for providing all the soft and fluffy sweetness to the Exodus Festival this year. 

It’s no secret that this immensely talented EDM, future bass, and trap master became the standard at clubs, and it’s all thanks to his innovative style. However, we also need to give due credit to the element of mystery that he brings to the game. Be honest, you probably have tried but failed to find photos of his face online, right? 

This only proves one thing: we don’t need to put a face to the talent, because his music speaks for itself. Never stop slaying, Marshmello!

Nicky Romero 

Yo, wave that Dutch flag, squad, because when Nicky Romero steps on stage, his signature beats take you on a journey across the planet. 

It only took this highly skilled DJ three years to break into the mainstream scene with his viral song, “Toulouse”, and now that he has the world’s attention, we have the opportunity to see him live and in action at the hottest clubs in Las Vegas.      

Illenium at Exodus in Las Vegas 2021

The Party Goes On in 2022 

If we were to discuss all the highlights of the Exodus Festival 2021, we would have to write an eight-page novel, so if you want to experience Exodus in all its glory, you’ve gotta see it for yourself. 

Lucky for you, the party isn’t over. It never really is, actually… so, read up on our artist lineup, weekend festivals, and blogs to prepare yourself for Exodus 2022! 

Look out, Las Vegas, we’ll be back next year. ‘Till then, fam!

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