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Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners

Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners Announced

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We’re thrilled to announce Exodus Round 3 Contest Winners! Each of these winners will receive a FREE EXODUS FESTIVAL PASS via email!


Don’t forget, if you didn’t win a pass to Exodus Las Vegas, you still go into the running to win the grand prize of flights + accommodation + festival passes for two!

The more you enter, the better your chances of winning the Grand Prize. To enter, click here.

Grand Prize winner announced April 12, 2017

Please keep in mind that all draws are auto-generated. If you did not receive your complimentary pass via email (sometimes our robots malfunction), please contact us at

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City of extremes

Vegas, the city of extremes

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You’ve bet (and lost) your shirt at the roulette table. You’ve eaten yourself into a coma at one of the legendary buffets. You’ve driven down the Strip blinking in awe at the shimmering neon. So now what? To find Vegas experiences outside the casinos but still guaranteed to get the pulse racing, our Destination Editor Alexander Howard went beyond the call of duty and reports back from the front line.

City of extremes: getting behind the wheel

I am not, it seems, a very good race car driver. At least not in the simulator. Robbie, my instructor, stands with his elbow resting on the roll-cage around me, waiting for me to find the right spot on the digitized track to make a turn. ‘You’re missing the apex’, he says, which is true, because at this point I’m off the track and driving over the pixelated gravel. The racing simulator is like something out of a video game arcade, and I’ve missed the apex nearly every time. ‘You’re braking too soon’, Robbie says with a hint of frustration.

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Vintage Las Vegas

Vintage Las Vegas: Your Guide To Sin City’s Sordid History

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Look away for too long and Vegas changes. The Vegas of Sinatra and Elvis and mobsters and showgirls has been replaced by Cirque shows and Britney Spears and musical fountains.  The crooners may be gone but the spirit lives on – here are the best places to channel it.

Vintage Las Vegas

Decades before garish LED screens presided over the Strip, handcrafted neon signs reigned as Vegas’ original iconic art form. While much of this neon art has been dismantled (and, unfortunately, trashed) you can view over 150 lovingly restored artifacts at the Neon Museum. A tour of the museum’s ‘Boneyard,’ full of retro signs dating back as far as 1930, is one of Vegas’ most fascinating strolls.

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Hitched in Vegas

The Weirdest Ways to Get Hitched in Vegas!

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“Vegas is all about being unconventional. Nobody knows this better than marriage-minded visitors.” – Blog Vegas

Ever thought about eloping to Vegas like they do in the movies? Well you’re not the only one. 80,000 other couples every year come to get hitched in Vegas! Why? It’s just so easy to do!

We’ve put together a list of some of the weirdest ways to get married in Vegas and get this – none of them involve Elvis Presley serenading you and your honey down the aisle.

The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York
Marriage is a roller coaster so they say but for some who said their “I do’s” at The Big Apple Coaster they not only mean it figuratively but literally as well!

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The Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group Is A Must See Show In Vegas

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Bestselling show in Vegas, the Blue Man Group has been entertaining crowds for years.

Something about them keeps Vegas visitors coming back for more and it’s not surprising once you see their aesthetic.

The Blue Man Group is made up of (you guessed it!) three blue men. No, they’re not overgrown Smurfs, but they do fully paint themselves blue for the show. They base their show on colour, movement and their signature music. But there’s a catch: they don’t talk!

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10 Vegas adventures

10 Vegas adventures you didn’t know existed

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Vegas is a hot spot. It is no surprise thousands of people visit Las Vegas every year for the best Nightclubs & Hotels and best restaurants.

If you think you’ve done it all, then this 10 Vegas adventures you didn’t know existed list is for you! We think it’s time to make your next trip to Vegas one to remember with lesser known options that are worth seeing.

For those PADI certified, ever think you could dive in Las Vegas? At the Mandalay Bay aquarium, certified guests have the opportunity to get into the tank and swim with actual sharks such as the Sand Tiger!

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Behind the scenes of “O” by Cirque Du Soleil

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Shows in Vegas tend to pack a real punch to the senses.

There’s an array of magic shows, dance shows, concerts and of course, Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil has taken the Vegas strip by storm.

The show is titled “O,” as a wordplay on the french word for water, “eau.” It features Cirque du Soleil’s world renown acrobatics, dancing, and gymnastics, but with water. The story is about a boy taken on a mesmerizing journey through a mysterious aquatic world. The boy and the audience return from the aquatic dreamland at the end of the show.

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