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LIFE OF A DJ: Above & Beyond

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This British trio has made their name known in the trance world, and are renown among EDM fans everywhere. They’ve always been about the music, and they made it especially known when they decided to turn their entire album into an acoustic masterpiece. That’s one tour we’ll definitely never forget!

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He’s a dad, a DJ, a worldwide icon, and a producer for some of the biggest names not only in EDM, but in general. There are only 24 hours in a day – HOW does he do it all?

To be completely honest, we really don’t know. Diplo, if you see this and want to shed some light…please let us know.

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LIFE OF A DJ: Kaskade

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As one of the kings of EDM, you can imagine Kaskade has a lot going on – and you’re 100% right.

The EDM legend just released Redux EP 002, the follow up EP to Redux 001. It’s nothing short of amazing, and it showcases the Kaskade we all know and love. There’s some deep house in there, but he also gets a bit experimental. We’re not complaining.

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City of extremes

Vegas, the city of extremes

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You’ve bet (and lost) your shirt at the roulette table. You’ve eaten yourself into a coma at one of the legendary buffets. You’ve driven down the Strip blinking in awe at the shimmering neon. So now what? To find Vegas experiences outside the casinos but still guaranteed to get the pulse racing, our Destination Editor Alexander Howard went beyond the call of duty and reports back from the front line.

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Being 20 in Las Vegas

The Exodus Diaries: Being 20 in Las Vegas

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Heading to Las Vegas for work wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my first trip to Sin City. I was picturing more of a girls weekend getaway, you know, hitting up the hottest pool parties, eating at the fanciest restaurants and maybe getting to dance a few feet away from one of my favourite DJs but then again, I wasn’t about to turn down a free trip to Vegas.

Being 20 in Las Vegas meant I wasn’t technically old enough to experience one of the most popular entertainment hubs in the world to its full potential – but hey, I made the most of it.

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Look Sexy in Vegas

How to Look Sexy in Vegas, even in the Heat!

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It’s time for a pre-vacation shopping spree so you look sexy in Vegas when you’re partying hard at all the best nightclubs.

Sky high heels, sheer shirts and sparkly accessories I’m sure are all at the top of your packing lists but is this Sin City diva really you? Maybe for some of you, but for others we’ve turned to 14 fashion bloggers who are sharing how they managed to maintain their polished style even in Sin City.

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Vegas Rocks

17 Reasons Why Vegas Rocks

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I’m going to Vegas this year for Exodus and I’m beyond excited! I bet you are too. And if you’re not going, I’ve got 17 reasons why Vegas rocks for you!

1. I’ve been wearing a heavy winter jacket for about 4 months now.
Vegas gets HOT. Trust me, I’m ready.
2. I’m a total foodie.
Have you seen the list of restaurants in Vegas?!
3. Three Words: Exodus. DJ. Lineup.

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