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Vintage Las Vegas

Vintage Las Vegas: Your Guide To Sin City’s Sordid History

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Look away for too long and Vegas changes. The Vegas of Sinatra and Elvis and mobsters and showgirls has been replaced by Cirque shows and Britney Spears and musical fountains.  The crooners may be gone but the spirit lives on – here are the best places to channel it.

Vintage Las Vegas

Decades before garish LED screens presided over the Strip, handcrafted neon signs reigned as Vegas’ original iconic art form. While much of this neon art has been dismantled (and, unfortunately, trashed) you can view over 150 lovingly restored artifacts at the Neon Museum. A tour of the museum’s ‘Boneyard,’ full of retro signs dating back as far as 1930, is one of Vegas’ most fascinating strolls.

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Being 20 in Las Vegas

The Exodus Diaries: Being 20 in Las Vegas

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Heading to Las Vegas for work wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my first trip to Sin City. I was picturing more of a girls weekend getaway, you know, hitting up the hottest pool parties, eating at the fanciest restaurants and maybe getting to dance a few feet away from one of my favourite DJs but then again, I wasn’t about to turn down a free trip to Vegas.

Being 20 in Las Vegas meant I wasn’t technically old enough to experience one of the most popular entertainment hubs in the world to its full potential – but hey, I made the most of it.

The Arrival

Landing in Las Vegas on the Wednesday evening is one of my fondest memories of the trip – and I hadn’t even stepped foot on the strip, yet! From my window seat, I saw the strip of lights, iridescent in the blackness of the surrounding dessert. As we hopped into a cab on our way to our hotel, I was literally in awe; you know the scene in those movies with the small town girl hanging her head out the cab window drinking in the new surroundings? That was me.

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Long Weekend in Vegas

Your Long Weekend in Vegas

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We took a glimpse into one couple’s long weekend in Vegas, and here’s what we found.

As a lot of you already know, Vegas is full of activities and surprises. Imagine trying to see all of the main attractions of Vegas in TWO days…it’s pretty much impossible! So we decided to see what an extra day during a long weekend could get you.

A couple from Vancouver, Canada decided to visit Vegas over the Family Day long weekend in February. They needed a break from the cool, rainy Vancouver weather, so they got on a plane to chase the sun for a long weekend in Vegas.

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Vegas Selfie

The Perfect Poolside Vegas Selfie

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One thing you’ll notice about Vegas is that it’s HOT. Not just during the daytime but as night as well. The only way to cool off? By jumping into a cool and refreshing pool of course and Sin City has some of the best pools equipped with the most luxurious amenities for the ultimate Vegas Selfie!

“Kick back, read on and before you get to Vegas, don’t forget to bring your designer shades.” – Blog Vegas

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10 Vegas adventures

10 Vegas adventures you didn’t know existed

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Vegas is a hot spot. It is no surprise thousands of people visit Las Vegas every year for the best Nightclubs & Hotels and best restaurants.

If you think you’ve done it all, then this 10 Vegas adventures you didn’t know existed list is for you! We think it’s time to make your next trip to Vegas one to remember with lesser known options that are worth seeing.

For those PADI certified, ever think you could dive in Las Vegas? At the Mandalay Bay aquarium, certified guests have the opportunity to get into the tank and swim with actual sharks such as the Sand Tiger!

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