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Get to Know Exodus’ Resident DJ Joyia

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I’m Joyia, a.k.a. Exodus’ resident DJ.

It’s a pretty cool gig if I do say so myself. I always try to make sure that I find cool, new music to get you guys in the Exodus spirit. I mean, it’s an awesome festival, so it needs to be accompanied by awesome music.

I learned how to DJ shortly after going to my first electronic show. I was 16, and had just seen Swedish House Mafia – I know, I miss them too. But can you imagine that? Swedish House Mafia was probably the best DJ group to ever exist (reunion please), and I had just seen them sell out the Rogers Centre in Toronto. In case you’re not from Toronto, let me paint a bit of a picture for you.

The Rogers Centre can hold almost 54,000 people!

Swedish House Mafia sold out both nights. For my first electronic show, it wasn’t too shabby.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Diplo

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His name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, but you might know him a little better as Diplo.

He’s a festival headliner, successful producer for many of music’s biggest names, the owner of a successful record label and a dad to two adorable boys all at the same time.

Diplo with his two boys. Source: Instagram
Diplo with his two boys. Source: Instagram
Born in Tulepo, Mississippi, Pentz grew up in South Florida and spent his days at his dad’s bait shop. He originally wanted to become a palaeontologist, but ended up going to school to study film. He went to a few Florida colleges, and then ended up going to Japan for a bit for a change of scenery. From there, he sent a demo to Will Ashton of Big Dada Records, a UK-based hip hop label. The demo ended up getting him signed to the label, and then he moved back to Philadelphia where he completed his undergraduate degree.

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David Guetta

How we came to obsess over David Guetta

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David Guetta started out in France, where he DJ-ed popular songs with some electro-funk influence.

The crowds weren’t too keen on the funk initially, but in a few years Guetta would successfully promote and sell out his own club nights with an acid house-based set. It was at this particular show that he met Robert Owens – a Chicago-based house legend who was touring Europe at the time. He listened to a few of Guetta’s original tracks and picked one to sing over. The result was “Up And Away,” a song that remained in garage DJ playlists for the next 4 years.

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Martin Garrix on stage

Martin Garrix: made it young, started young

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He made it young, because he started so young.

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, better known by his stage name Martin Garrix, has made a huge name for himself in electronic music. He was a main headliner at Exodus last year, spinning the main slot at Omnia – arguably one of North America’s biggest and best clubs. The crowds flocked to see this young DJ play his music and it was one of the biggest nights at Exodus. Many people are surprised by the success he’s had at such a young age, but it’s really not shocking when you get to know him a little.

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How Tiësto Re-defined DJ Culture

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Tijs Michiel Verwest, better known as Tiesto, is considered to be one of the founders behind the rise of the EDM movement. Born in The Netherlands, Tiesto became very interested in music at the early age of 12, and was professionally DJing school parties by the age of 14. He became a resident DJ at several clubs in The Netherlands by the age of 16, and played mostly New Beat and acid house. He began releasing his own music in 1994 under a few different aliases. He has been known as “Da Joker” and “DJ Limited” just to name a few, but “Tiesto” would be the name to stick with him for life.

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