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partying in vegas

Partying in Vegas vs. The 6ix: What to Know

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We may be running a festival in Las Vegas, but most of our team behind this crazy festival is, in fact, from Canada! Every year we fly down our top VIP hosts, managers and production staff for Exodus weekend – talk about work-life balance ;)

How long have you been a VIP Host in Toronto?
Over 5 years as a VIP host but I’ve been working longer in the industry as security.

Damian Porter (right)
Damian Porter (right)
How did you get into the hospitality/entertainment industry? How did you get involved with Exodus?
As a part-time job in university. Exodus managers approached me because we had worked together in the past at their various venues downtown.

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Look Sexy in Vegas

How to Look Sexy in Vegas, even in the Heat!

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It’s time for a pre-vacation shopping spree so you look sexy in Vegas when you’re partying hard at all the best nightclubs.

Sky high heels, sheer shirts and sparkly accessories I’m sure are all at the top of your packing lists but is this Sin City diva really you? Maybe for some of you, but for others we’ve turned to 14 fashion bloggers who are sharing how they managed to maintain their polished style even in Sin City.

One thing these bloggers all have in common? They want you to transform these outfits and wear each piece over and over again! Talk about breaking a major fashion rule!

White suits make a bold statement. If you’re looking for some attention. Rock it with some sexy lingerie like Shea Marie.

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Vegas Rocks

17 Reasons Why Vegas Rocks

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I’m going to Vegas this year for Exodus and I’m beyond excited! I bet you are too. And if you’re not going, I’ve got 17 reasons why Vegas rocks for you!

1. I’ve been wearing a heavy winter jacket for about 4 months now.
Vegas gets HOT. Trust me, I’m ready.
2. I’m a total foodie.
Have you seen the list of restaurants in Vegas?!
3. Three Words: Exodus. DJ. Lineup.

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Hitched in Vegas

The Weirdest Ways to Get Hitched in Vegas!

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“Vegas is all about being unconventional. Nobody knows this better than marriage-minded visitors.” – Blog Vegas

Ever thought about eloping to Vegas like they do in the movies? Well you’re not the only one. 80,000 other couples every year come to get hitched in Vegas! Why? It’s just so easy to do!

We’ve put together a list of some of the weirdest ways to get married in Vegas and get this – none of them involve Elvis Presley serenading you and your honey down the aisle.

The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York
Marriage is a roller coaster so they say but for some who said their “I do’s” at The Big Apple Coaster they not only mean it figuratively but literally as well!

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Long Weekend in Vegas

Your Long Weekend in Vegas

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We took a glimpse into one couple’s long weekend in Vegas, and here’s what we found.

As a lot of you already know, Vegas is full of activities and surprises. Imagine trying to see all of the main attractions of Vegas in TWO days…it’s pretty much impossible! So we decided to see what an extra day during a long weekend could get you.

A couple from Vancouver, Canada decided to visit Vegas over the Family Day long weekend in February. They needed a break from the cool, rainy Vancouver weather, so they got on a plane to chase the sun for a long weekend in Vegas.

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Vegas Selfie

The Perfect Poolside Vegas Selfie

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One thing you’ll notice about Vegas is that it’s HOT. Not just during the daytime but as night as well. The only way to cool off? By jumping into a cool and refreshing pool of course and Sin City has some of the best pools equipped with the most luxurious amenities for the ultimate Vegas Selfie!

“Kick back, read on and before you get to Vegas, don’t forget to bring your designer shades.” – Blog Vegas

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First time to Vegas? We got you covered!

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“Hey Vegas Virgin! Yeah, I’m talking to you. For one reason or another, you’ve yet to step food in this wild and crazy town, but sooner or later, you’ll cave and come to see what all the hype is about,” – Blog Vegas

Las Vegas is one big adult playground. It’s known for the beloved strip full of high end hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and so much more It’s quite the site when you’re flying in at night. The bright lights, glitz and glam may be overwhelming at first but have no fear – Exodus is here!

We’ve put together a list of some of the “must sees” on your first trip to Vegas.

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Las Vegas survival guide

Your Las Vegas Survival Guide

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Vegas is pretty full on. It’s a sleepless city, lit up at all hours. You practically need a Las Vegas survival guide to get through it!

Don’t worry – you’re not alone and we’re here to guide you! As a tourist hotspot, Vegas finds itself with thousands of tourists every year. From the brand new traveller to the Vegas regular, all kinds of people come through the city. For the rookies, it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s no wonder most people don’t normally know where to start with their vacation stories when they come back from Vegas.

Maybe that’s why they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Vegas visitor, we’ve put together a Las Vegas Survival Guide so that you can be prepared for Vegas weekend.

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