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The Chainsmokers

See The Chainsmokers in Las Vegas

The Chainsmokers, you know, the American DJ duo who produce unbeatable EDM music? You’ve probably heard of them. In fact, where have you been if you haven’t? We are proud to say that these guys are based here in the rocking world of Las Vegas right now!

However, since they hit the world by storm all of a sudden, you probably don’t actually know a lot about them. In truth, The Chainsmokers have been in the music game for a while but they rocketed to the top so quickly that the majority of people tend to think they are brand-new. This isn’t the case, trust us.

The Chainsmokers’ History

Amazingly, these guys were formed all the way back in 2012. Originally, however, the duo was made up of Rhett Bixler and Alexander Pall but then, Rhett Bixler left which made space for a new member — this is where Andrew Taggart came in.

The two DJs started by remixing songs by other artists since their skills matched this type of work perfectly. However, in 2014, they had their breakthrough when they released an original song called #Selfie. When we say breakthrough, we mean it! The song was in the top twenty in various countries; did someone say talent?

Since their first real limelight experience, Taggart and Pall have won two American Music Awards, a Grammy, 9 iHeartRadio Music Awards and 7 Billboard Music Awards which is truly astounding. Now you should definitely see why we are so proud to host them on our Las Vegas stages!

They did not have an easy time in the quest to be at the top. It was the pair’s sheer determination and motivation that conquered all of the rejections and PR problems to be what they are today — i.e. a big deal.

The Chainsmokers Here in Vegas

Our holiday and party packages don’t stop at offering fantastic attractions like racing luxury cars and desert quad biking adventures, we also pack a whole bunch of entertainment into the high-quality live music we provide. Yes, The Chainsmokers are included!

This astounding, must-see duo play at some of the biggest clubs in the glorious land of Las Vegas like XS Nightclub, Encore Beach Club and Intrigue Nightclub, all of which are renowned for their live EDM music productions. They tend to feature huge names including these guys, Diplo and Major Lazer. You may even be the first to hear The Chainsmokers’ new songs since they are constantly working on brand-new stuff!

Originally, the pair were only meant to stay here in Vegas for 3 years but, everyone here loves them so much, they have been contracted for another two! What does this mean for you? Well, whether you come to Vegas right now or wait until 2021, you can enjoy their live show!

If you are really intent on seeing them, grab your passes to our very own Exodus Festival to catch them up close and personal at select nightclubs. Bring some friends, get the cocktails in and dance like no is watching.



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