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Criss Angel Mindfreak Review

Criss Angel Mindfreak Review

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 28/10/2019


Criss Angel is a performer famous for his no-holds-barred live shows, which blur the lines between magic, illusions, reality, and music. However, though he’s most well-known for his work as a magician, it’s difficult to pin the man down. Angeldust, which is an industrial band he created with another musician, Klay Scott, released five albums in the late 90s and early 2000s, while his book sales, world records, and television appearances speak for themselves.

His latest project (which he premiered in 2014) is a stage production called Mindfreak Live, and rather than drifting too far away from what made the creator famous in the first place, it firmly acknowledges his history as a magician. The show features illusions Angel developed on his own in a private laboratory located somewhere in Vegas itself. It is an exciting, challenging, and overall incredibly fun look at what we consider ‘real’, and how easily influenced we really are when it comes to what we believe.

Mindfreak Live: Angel’s Biggest Challenge Yet?

Having spent a period touring with the production (which was his first time travelling with a show for more than five years), Angel has returned to the birthplace of his career, presenting Mindfreak Live in Las Vegas itself.

Mindfreak initially started out as a television show which featured Angel performing a variety of different tricks, including levitating, making Italian supercars vanish, cutting himself in half, and walking vertically up the walls of the Luxor Hotel. But there are a few crucial differences between performing illusions on television and performing them on a stage in front of a live audience—not least the fact that if something goes wrong, there’s no way to yell ‘Cut!’ and stop everything from unravelling.

Mindfreak Live, then, doesn’t only challenge Angel as a magician, but as an all-around performer as well. It’s a lot to ask of anybody, but there’s no better man for the project, and Angel carries off his illusions with customary aplomb and style. Repartee with the audience is conducted at a fast clip, which helps to lend energy to the show as a whole.

What You Can Expect From The Show

The complete production of Mindfreak Live includes more than seventy of Angel’s most iconic illusions, with the portfolio including recent innovations as well as innovative and original takes on old favourites from his many television appearances.

Lasting 90 minutes in total, the performance isn’t one that drags on and on, or runs any risk of boring the people who bought tickets in the first place. Rather, it’s a fully-immersive experience in which every single person watching is completely involved and captivated, leading many members of the audience to remark afterwards that they couldn’t believe an hour and a half had flown by so quickly.

It’s not uncommon for particularly enthusiastic fans of Angel’s to book a few different tickets for the show—as with every magician, the performer has a core following of magic enthusiasts who love to challenge themselves by trying to figure out how it is that Angel is pulling everything off. The vast majority of the reviews (almost 70% of which are 5-star Excellent ratings) on Trip Advisor pay tribute to just how accomplished Criss is at this point when it comes to pulling off a Vegas-worthy live show.

A hand holding levitating, burning playing cards

Audience members will be picked randomly for each performance by Angel himself, which is a fantastic way of keeping everybody involved, as well as ramping up the suspense and amazement factors. There are also dancers involved on stage, which is a subtle reminder of just how musical Angel is as an artist; and when you see the way he can move his body—not to mention the incredible, seemingly impossible things he can make happen night after night, week after week—it’s immediately obvious that he’s the real deal.

Our Takeaway

The magician himself has been in the industry for decades at this point, and it’s safe to say he’s mastered his craft to a level few of his competitors can match. If you do decide to drop in on the show, you’d better prepare yourself by doing a few stretches beforehand, since you’ll probably be on the edge of your seat the entire time. Not only are the illusions themselves fascinating, but Angel does a remarkably good job keeping everybody interested and entertained, and preventing the pace of the performance from dropping too much.

Mindfreak Live is running in Vegas right now, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to check out one of the biggest names in the industry prove why he’s been at the top of his game for the last number of years. If you’re curious about other music and cultural events being run in Las Vegas this summer, check out the rest of our website. We continually make changes to our listings in order to stay up-to-date—be sure to come back regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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