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EDM Anthems Everyone Should Know

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 11/05/2021

Electronic dance music, more popularly known as EDM, has been blowing up the speakers at the club since the 1970s. EDM may have gone through a massive glow-up since the disco days of fros and platforms, but it still embodies the same purpose: to bring the party to the dance floor. 

Designed to hit you right in the feels, EDM knows how to get the party started, but there are some that just deserve to be played on repeat! 

Whether you’re gearing up to go all boujee at the club next Saturday night or want to update your playlist, we’ve rounded up the top EDM anthems that will change your life.

Brace yourselves for both the iconic favorites and hidden gems in 3, 2, 1! 

Don’t You Worry Child By Swedish House Mafia

This EDM anthem dropped in 2012 (a.k.a the time when everyone thought it would be the end of the world), and it’s a timeless gem that we will stan forever. Its energetic electro beat slaps so hard that you’ll wanna dance all night long, and it works in quirky contrast with heartwarming lyrics that can make a grown man shed tears of joy – we’re not crying, you’re crying!

Warp 1.9 By The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki

The Bloody Beetroots are an iconic DJing duo that continuously served up timeless EDM anthems time and time again – and they continue to throw us back to an explosion of gothic electro house to this day. Stemming from the year 2009, this track flaunts the fact that Steve Aoki has got raaaange.

Love Comes Again By Tiësto ft. BT

We’re telling you, if you haven’t heard of Tiësto, you can’t sit with us. This CEO of the turntables has often been hailed as the best DJ of all time, and we honestly can’t argue with that. Love Comes Again will entrance you while you headbang all your worries away and just let the music play. 

Bad By David Guetta and Showtek ft. Vassy

Finna tell you this: you haven’t lived your life to the fullest at the club until you’ve set your drink down to bust a move on the dancefloor with electro-house chipmunks belting out those notes from the speakers. In the track, Vassy asks: “Why does it feel so good to be bad?”. Whether it’s the dance-provoking beats or the strongly auto-tuned aspects of this EDM anthem, we think you can answer that one for us, fam.

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Young Gods By Total Ape

Not us totally losing our minds over Young Gods by Total Ape! Driven by a nursery rhyme beat, you’d never expect that this EDM anthem will slap harder than anything else. Let’s throw in the fact that the lyrics convey a strong message about the power of the youth. #Savage.

#SELFIE By The Chainsmokers

Don’t be salty if you weren’t clubbing in 2015 when #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers was played at literally every bar and music festival in the world, because this track doesn’t age; meaning it’s still totally relevant and you’re not late to the party. 

The unconventional lyrics follow the story of a girl who ends up going home with a guy who hit the “like” button on her selfie. Dare we even call it an EDM love story? 

I Can’t Stop By Flux Pavilion

This EDM anthem is decorated with some dubstep flair at its finest, and it’s a total mood. With that hypnotic half-time beat and rhythmic string pluck, you know this song means business when the bass drops. What sets this EDM fave apart from the rest is that it takes a daring step into a more melancholy approach without compromising the spirit of EDM. Yeah, get you a song that can do both.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites By Skrillex


This crazy EDM anthem is a rollercoaster of beats that y’all will want to ride over and over again until you emotionally throw up. Skrillex’s signature style is a hybrid of biz and partay. The same applies to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, a club necessity that takes you high up in the sky with soul-stirring vocals and then proceeds to launch you into a succession of loopings that will boggle your mind. 

Keep your hands and feet inside at all times, kiddos. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

One More Time By Daft Punk

NGL, guys… One More Time By Daft Punk was fire, is fire, and will always be a flaming fireball of an EDM anthem. Its brilliant beat and optimistic lyrics show you that life’s a party, so dance and don’t be a wallflower. 

Some things just age like fine wine and this track is one of those things. Do not miss out on this epic journey for your ears! 

Mic Drop By BTS and Steve Aoki

BTS and Steve Aoki really dissed them haters with Mic Drop. Being the perfect collision of EDM, trap music, and hip hop, this party track isn’t just for your headbangs and twerks. It’s woke, dope, and it’s helping raise a generation of people who need to be more savage in the right direction. The era of hypebeasts wanting to fit in the mold is canceled, it’s time to speak your mind and drop that mic! 

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Find Your EDM Anthem At Exodus

From Martin Garrix all the way to The Chainsmokers, you’ll find yourself swaying to the beat of timeless tunes and brand new bangers that will beat the summer heat. 

Whatever your jam may be, we’ve got it, and in case you don’t have one yet, we’ve got you covered, fam! Find your EDM anthem at Exodus’ Summer Love festival or 4th of July Weekend Getaway!

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