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How we came to obsess over David Guetta

How we came to obsess over David Guetta

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

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David Guetta started out in France, where he DJ-ed popular songs with some electro-funk influence.

The crowds weren’t too keen on the funk initially, but in a few years Guetta would successfully promote and sell out his own club nights with an acid house-based set. It was at this particular show that he met Robert Owens – a Chicago-based house legend who was touring Europe at the time. He listened to a few of Guetta’s original tracks and picked one to sing over. The result was “Up And Away,” a song that remained in garage DJ playlists for the next 4 years.


In 2001, Guetta met an American gospel singer named Chris Willis who was in France during a vacation. Together, they released the song “Just a Little More Love.” Guetta then released a few more electro hits, including a remix of the late David Bowie’s “Heroes,” which he retitled as “Just For One Day.” Bowie gave the OK to officially release the track, which resulted in Guetta’s first major hit song.

Over the next few years, Guetta released full albums of his own productions. His first mix CD was titled “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” after his famous Ibiza-based party. He then went on to release Just A Little More Love in 2004, Guetta Blaster that same year, Poplife in 2007, and then Fuck Me I’m Famous: International, Vol. 2 in 2008. Then, it was in 2009 that he released the one album that we probably all know him for: One Love. The platinum selling album featured hits like “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly Rowland, “Sexy Bitch” with Akon, and “Gettin Over” with Chris Willis.

Guetta attended the 2010 Grammy awards with 5 nominations; 2 of them for the One Love album, and the other 3 related to his work on “I Gotta Feeling” for the Black Eyed Peas. He released another album following One Love titled One More Love, which featured new songs, a superstar feature list, and a bonus disk with remixes from the first album. He went on to release his Lovers on the Sun LP in 2014, followed by Listen – his sixth studio album that was released at the end of that same year. Listen featured Guetta’s unmistakable EDM style, but with more influence from different styles like hip-hop, alternative rock, R&B and acoustic instrumentation. In 2015, he released an EP titled Listen Again, with new songs and remixes added to the original tracklist of Listen.


Guetta is now considered one of the Godfathers of EDM – a huge title for the once small DJ that started in the small clubs of France.

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