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Get to Know Exodus’ Resident DJ Joyia

Get to Know Exodus’ Resident DJ Joyia

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

I’m Joyia, a.k.a. Exodus’ resident DJ.

It’s a pretty cool gig if I do say so myself. I always try to make sure that I find cool, new music to get you guys in the Exodus spirit. I mean, it’s an awesome festival, so it needs to be accompanied by awesome music.

I learned how to DJ shortly after going to my first electronic show. I was 16, and had just seen Swedish House Mafia – I know, I miss them too. But can you imagine that? Swedish House Mafia was probably the best DJ group to ever exist (reunion please), and I had just seen them sell out the Rogers Centre in Toronto. In case you’re not from Toronto, let me paint a bit of a picture for you.

The Rogers Centre can hold almost 54,000 people!

Swedish House Mafia sold out both nights. For my first electronic show, it wasn’t too shabby.

It opened up an entirely new world for me. It was something that I had never really been exposed to or ever really thought about. So, I learned how to DJ and then eventually learned how to produce. That was that.

I’m Joyia, a.k.a. Exodus’ resident DJ.

I’ve been making music ever since I was little, and learning how to fully produce just deepened my love for music even more. And now I’m playing in Vegas. What!?

I honestly can’t wait. I’m excited for the lights, the parties and the food of course! I’m a HUGE foodie. It’s almost impossible to see all of Vegas in just one weekend, but, you get a pretty good Tour de Vegas with Exodus I’d say.

I’ll be playing a day club at Exodus. I’ve played clubs before, but never a day club. The sunshine, everybody feeling the vibes and dancing in the pool, the drinks…what’s not to love? I know I’ve been to day parties before and they’ve given me some of the best memories ever. Now I get to play one at one of the coolest day spots in Vegas!

You can catch me on Monday May 22 opening up for Kris Kaiden at TAO Beach! He’s from Toronto too, and he’s a pretty awesome DJ. Us Canadians know how to throw down a pretty good party, so we better see you guys there!

Here’s my last mix for Exodus, with some chill house vibes.

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