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10 Ways to Keep Cool in Vegas

10 Ways to Keep Cool in Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

Ah, Vegas. It’s smacked right in the middle of the desert. It hot, it’s dry it’s… perfect tanning weather!

“What’s the problem with that”, I hear you say… Well, if you’re like me and spend most of your year wearing a down-filled winter jacket, you kind of freak out when your pasty skin bares the wrath of angry, hot Vegas sun, you’ll want to know how to keep cool in Vegas!

But thankfully, there’s relief!

Every place in downtown Las Vegas has the A/C running, so you’re good pretty much anywhere you go. But if you want a bit of an adventure, we have some suggestions for you.


Vegas has a lot of bars, but if you find yourself longing for the temperatures of home, head over to Mandalay Bay to Minus 5; Vegas’ most famous ice bar. The entire bar is made of ice, from the walls, to the floors, to the actual bar itself! Your admission fee includes a free cocktail and your choice of cold gear – they have a selection of parkas, hats, and much more that you can choose from while you enjoy your drink.


Mandalay Bay boasts another funky bar called Red Square, where the only thing made of ice is the bar top. Red Square specializes in cold vodka and if you buy a whole bottle of it you’re invited into their vodka vault. Fancy.


Head to Mount Charleston, about 35 miles north of the city. It’s usually 25 – 40 degrees cooler (that’s in fahrenheit for all you Canadians!) and there are plenty of hiking trails and picnic spots.

And the best way to cool off in Vegas?


Luckily for you, Exodus likes to throw parties at some of Vegas’ most happening pool bars. Exodus wristband holders get all-access to Vegas’ very BEST pool parties!

So, pool bars? Yeah – number one on our list. We’re totally not biased…

For more details on the above, head here.

The Vegas heat can get the best of everyone. To make the most of your trip, research how you and your friends can stay cool while still enjoying everything that Vegas has to offer. For more information on some of the other events taking place in Vegas click here.

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