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Partying in Vegas vs. The 6ix: What to Know

Partying in Vegas vs. The 6ix: What to Know

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

We may be running a festival in Las Vegas, but most of our team behind this crazy festival is, in fact, from Canada! Every year we fly down our top VIP hosts, managers and production staff for Exodus weekend – talk about work-life balance 😉

How long have you been a VIP Host in Toronto?
Over 5 years as a VIP host but I’ve been working longer in the industry as security.

VIP host in toronto

How did you get into the hospitality/entertainment industry? How did you get involved with Exodus?
As a part-time job in university. Exodus managers approached me because we had worked together in the past at their various venues downtown.

You’ve been working for Exodus a couple years now, what makes you keep coming back?
I enjoy the work/party aspect of working these types of events and of course it’s Vegas…

How does the party scene and clientele compare in Toronto to Las Vegas?
I think both places are over saturated with venues so quality is down. Only a few select clubs in both places get preferred clientele.

What is your favourite nightclub in Vegas and why?
Encore Beach Club! They have the best setup and clientele.

What is one of the craziest experiences you’ve either seen or experienced yourself both in Toronto and Las Vegas?
Toronto: Working a venue and Will.I.Am assaulting Perez Hilton at the nightclub.

Vegas: Working a pool party, partying at that party after my shift. Getting pretty drunk and eventually stumbling into and breaking the toilet accidentally in my room which flooded 3 floors. Moving rooms, getting it together to work the late shift at Omnia, partying afterwards there then going to the stripclub until 7am and still getting to work for the next Day party at 100%.

I think we can say that Las Vegas nightlife is far superior to other major cities in the world. But is it the nightclubs and clientele or just the fact that when in Vegas, everyone pushes their limits for one heck of a weekend.

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