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Penn & Teller Magic Show Review

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 10/01/2020

Las Vegas shows are the most renowned across the globe — those that play in Vegas, tend to stay in Vegas due to the sheer number of attendees and the outreach the performers can gain once they have graced our city’s stages.

Among the hundreds of Las Vegas shows, Penn & Teller, the American magician and entertainer duo, is one which truly never gets old. These guys don’t listen to the magic rules of never telling the audience how it’s done and not daring to perform the classic cup and ball trick with see-through vials — they are true rebels, in the best way imaginable!

Magicians Penn and Teller cut in half

Penn & Teller — Their Background

Penn, or Penn Fraser Jillette, was born on March 5th, 1955 while Raymond Joseph Teller came into being on February 14th, 1948.

The pair have been performing together ever since the late 1970s and have even been featured on many television shows including Penn & Teller: Fool Us (which you may have heard of).

Currently, they are the longest standing headline act in Las Vegas’ entire history! You know it will be a good production if we have kept them on our stages for this long! We only hire the best of the best.

What to Expect from this Las Vegas Show?

Duo acts tend to have a comedic edge and these two men definitely bring that. Each of them has their separate pros and cons but, together, they are a perfect pair. As you will notice if you watch their production, Teller says nothing throughout the entire performance, while Penn offers up a funny running commentary on everything that happens.

There are some “basic” (for want of a better phrase) tricks which they explain (in an amusing way, of course) how they work which will engage you and make you say “oh, I see that now” while you realise just how well you have been tricked by other magicians in the past. The revealed tricks have been composed by the pair with the intention of exposing them, so remember that and maybe don’t believe everything that you hear!

However, the parts that Penn & Teller don’t let you in on truly do mystify you. For example, how does one manage to swallow 100 needles and some thread and then, minutes later, regurgitate 100 threaded needles. His stomach must do some fancy things to make that happen, right?!

Teller jumping rope with a pink cord coming from Penn’s head

In the past, these men have ultimately relied on their shock factor and acted-out violence, instead of the actual tricks per se. However, they have completed some pretty extravagant, complicated magic routines such as when Teller was suspended in a straitjacket over life threatening spikes, or when Teller was run over by an 18-wheel tractor, or when he was enclosed in a tank of water. You should expect to see a lot of daredevil type behaviour that will have you gasping in anticipation. Plus, it may seem like they have failed in some of their tricks for a few minutes, but you’ll soon realise it is all part of a masterplan of greatness.

They usually show us a brilliant assortment of card tricks which involve the audience (like all good magicians do, are we right?). Not to mention their famous bullet catch play where one of them fires a gun and the other catches it in their mouths, going completely unscathed! If you’re lucky, you might witness their amazing nail gun trick. What happens in this one? Well, Penn will fire some of the nails into a board and then shoot them into his hand (without injury, of course). You will have to actually be present at their show to know anymore — we can’t give everything away!

The Las Vegas Show, Penn & Teller — Our Takeaway

This couple have perfected their art over numerous years and should be a Vegas holiday staple for everybody by now. We can’t think of a reason not to see this duo perform their magic live on the big stage. Try to stretch out your face muscles before entering the auditorium as you will be laughing and pulling surprised faces for the entire 90 minutes!

You can find Penn & Teller’s mind bending, confusing yet comedic performances at Rio Hotel and Casino at 9pm every night from Saturday to Wednesday. What are you waiting for? Book yourself a ticket so you don’t miss out.

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