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The Best Cocktails to Try While in Vegas

The Best Cocktails to Try While in Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 07/11/2019

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, you’re most likely going for the partying, gambling, and alcoholic drinks.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best cocktails Vegas has to offer. And if you have one too many? That’s a secret we’ll never let slip. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The Twisted Grapefruit cocktail from Park on Fremont in Las Vegas

Twisted Grapefruit, Park on Fremont

Starting off our list of the best cocktails in Vegas is the Twisted Grapefruit, which can be found at the Park on Fremont. If you aren’t down for a club night, this locals’ hangout spot is perfect—and so is this drink. Sip on this grapefruit-based vodka cocktail straight out of a hollowed-out grapefruit made behind the bar.

Close up of 3 misty Witch Doctor cocktails

Witch Doctor, Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge

On the menu for more than 10 years, the Witch Doctor is a cocktail of monstrous proportions that you’ll definitely want to check off your bucket list. It’s made with 5 different kinds of rum, grenadine, pineapple juice, sour mix, and dry ice to give it its mystic look. You’ll want to make sure that you stop by this enchanting rooftop on your visit to Las Vegas.

Close up of SushiSamba’s best cocktail in vegas

Cocktail Tree, SushiSamba

As its name suggests, SushiSamba’s cocktail tree consists of 12 glasses of various kinds of cocktails served in a metal “tree”. Select up to 3 different cocktail concoctions, including their signature monthly special Sambatini, shochu-based Chucumber, and delicious Lychee Cooler. Need we say more?

Close up of the Apple Pie Harvest cocktail in one of the best bars in Vegas

Apple Pie Harvest, Oak & Ivy

Want to visit one of the best bars in Vegas while creating your cocktail checklist? Located in a downtown park filled with shipping containers of other restaurants and bars, the Oak & Ivy is a unique destination on your visit to Vegas. Their Apple Pie Harvest cocktail is made from Clyde Mays whiskey, apple bitters, butter, caramelized brown sugar, and allspice dram, which we can confirm really does taste like a Thanksgiving dessert.

Two rose gold swans filled with the Palm Royal best cocktail in Vegas

Palm Royal, The Dorsey

Next up is the second giant cocktail on our list. Served in a massive rose gold swan, the Palm Royal punch bowl by The Dorsey is made with champagne, gin, and watermelon. Meant to be split between 6 people, we definitely don’t recommend taking this cocktail on by yourself. You’ll definitely want to check out this sophisticated take on giant cocktails while visiting the best bars in Vegas.

Fink Bomb, Frankie’s Tiki Room

For one of the best bars in Vegas, you’ll want to head to Frankie’s Tiki Room. Filled with fun decor and a raunchy menu, this bar offers a wide variety of classic and original tiki cocktails. Among them is the Fink Bomb, which is made from 160 proof rum, coconut rum, melon liqueur, and pineapple juice.

Close up of the Up All Night cocktail with a sparkler

Up All Night, Clique Bar & Lounge

The Cosmopolitan’s cocktail bar stays open until 3 a.m. each night. This next best cocktail in Vegas is only available after midnight, making its name, Up All Night, quite appropriate. This delectable sweet-and-sour pink drink is made from rum, ginger syrup, strawberries, and blackberries and is topped with whipped cream. The best part? It is served with a spark to help “burn the midnight oil.”

Pink Flamingo Punch, Skyfall Lounge

Known for its spectacular views, the Skyfall Lounge also serves up some of the best cocktails in Vegas. This includes the delicious Pink Flamingo Punch, which can be shared with up to 8 people. Grab some friends, check out the lounge’s view of the city from the 64th floor, and enjoy some of the best cocktails Vegas has to offer.

Someone holding a Drunk Clam cocktail

Drunk Clam, Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go Go’s Las Vegas Location, The Linq, is home to one of our recommended best cocktails in Vegas: the Drunk Clam. Made from vodka, clamato, clam juice, and Worcestershire sauce—as well as some added spicy ingredients. Inspired by the classic Bloody Mary, this is the perfect boozy beverage to spice up your hangover brunch.

Close up of the giant bloody mary from Lavo in Las Vegas

Giant Bloody Mary, Lavo

Speaking of Mary… our third and final giant cocktail from the best bars in Vegas is the Bloody Mary, which you can find at Lavo. What makes this one of the best cocktails in Vegas is not just how delicious this classic drink is, but what comes on top of it. Get ready for what is basically an entire surf and turf meal of jumbo shrimp, pork belly skewers, as well as an entire lobster.

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