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The Ultimate Guide To Dining In Vegas

The Ultimate Guide To Dining In Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 02/03/2020

Vegas is globally known for being the world’s greatest party destination. With long nights come big appetites! Continue reading to learn why Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most unique and exciting dining destinations in the world. We’ll look into the best restaurants in Las Vegas as well as a few must-try’s from their menus. We guarantee a visit to any of these places will be a highlight in your Las Vegas vacation!

Let’s dive in!

Celebrity Favorites

Sin City is regularly flocked by stars who are celebrating special occasions or just looking to unwind and have fun. After all, anyone who’s anyone has been to Vegas. If you’re looking for an experience that is over-the-top, glamorous, or just plain extra, then who better to look to for dining recommendations than the celebs themselves? These de facto connoisseurs of living it up can point us to the hottest places to eat.

Here are our top picks for Las Vegas Restaurants that celebrities frequent:


Nobu Restaurant Las Vegas

This highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant is located in the heart of Nobu Hotel. They have numerous locations but the one here in Las Vegas is the largest of all – just think of 11,200 sq. ft. dedicated to serving up the yummiest sushi, Japanese Wagyu, desserts, specialty cocktails and more. This place is frequented by numerous pop icons including Miley Cyrus and John Legend.

If you ever get the chance to eat here, make sure to try some of their specialties like Yellowtail with Jalapeno, Black Cod with Sweet Miso, and Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas

This place needs no introduction. Almost the entire planet knows Gordon Ramsay and his hit show, Hell’s Kitchen. What few people know is that this is now an actual place you can go to in Vegas. The restaurant draws inspiration from the show. So if you’re a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, it will feel like you’ve stepped right through the telly. More than the exemplary food, people flock here in hopes of running into the celebrity chef and his celebrity best friends.

If you decide to eat here, make sure to check out their Hell’s Kitchen Burger, Eggs in Purgatory, Beef Wellington, and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Andiamo Steakhouse

Andiamo Steakhouse

What do you get when you mix premium American steaks with exquisite Italian favorites? Apparently, this is the perfect combination to make a restaurant the go-to place for famous athletes. Andiamo Steakhouse is not only known for its protein rich, delicious menu selection but also its sports celebrity clientele. This place is frequented by boxers, WWE divas, and the like. Las Vegas is after all a center for sports main events like boxing and wrestling matches. I guess this restaurant just simply “packs a punch”.

If you ever find yourself in Andiamo Steakhouse, don’t miss out on their Mozzarella in Carrozza, BBQ Shrimp, Bruschetta Rustica, Cold Seafood Tower and of course, their vast selection of STEAK.

Ridiculous, Crazy, and Fun Food

Las Vegas is a hotbed for fun and crazy experiences. So if you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary and memorable, we’ve got a few dining destinations that you’re sure to love.

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas

In the mood for a whimsical dining experience that makes you feel closer to nature? Then you would definitely dig this rainforest and restaurant hybrid. In the Rainforest Cafe, you will be surrounded by animatronic jungle animals, lush decor, and regular “thunderstorms.” The ambient sounds also contribute to the experience.

This family friendly place also has jungle characters that your kids are sure to love like Tracy the Talking Tree; Julius Squeezer, the boa constrictor; and Nile the Crocodile who is there to greet the diners. It’s definitely an experience you would always want to treasure. Luckily, they have a gift shop where you can shop for rainforest-themed keepsakes.

So if you ever find yourself in this lush rainforest wonderland of a restaurant, make sure to check out their Rasta Pasta with Grilled Chicken, Carribean Coconut Shrimp, and Tribal Salmon.

BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark

BLACKOUT Las Vegas (with a night-vision camera)

Something about being in the dark heightens one’s senses. Drawing from this phenomenon, BLACKOUT creates a quirky dining experience wherein guests can dine in a room that’s void of all light. Yes you’ve read that right. Zero light. Guided by staff equipped with night-vision goggles, guests are guided to their seats and then served with exciting dishes. It’s a memorable meal that you will never forget – or see.

If you ever find yourself in this unique restaurant, make sure to check out their 5-7 Course Mystery Meal. Wines and signature cocktails are available to pair.

minus5 Ice Experience

minus5 Ice Experience Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the coolest dining experience in Las Vegas, you simply need to head down to Mandalay Place and look for the minus5 Ice Experience. This bar is made entirely out of ice with the temperature kept (as promised) at minus 5 degrees. So get ready to indulge your inner polar bear in this winter wonderland.

If you ever find yourself in the minus5 Ice Experience, make sure to taste their signature drinks like Frosted Berries, Polar Breeze, and Northern Lights. They also have a pretty sweet mock-tail selection for the little ones, including drinks like Igloo, Jack Frost, and Yeti.

Beautiful Food, Beautiful Spaces

Ambience contributes to great dining experiences. If you would like to indulge in good food while surrounded by beautifully decorated dining venues, then you will love these next few restaurants that we’ve got for you.

Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

Beauty & Essex is a great place to experience glitz, glamor, and upscale American dining. This restaurant is just plain fancy. The experience begins by entering the restaurant through an antique pawn shop. And once inside, you will be dazzled by its jewelry-themed decor and dramatic lighting to match. It’s a treat for the eyes as well as for your taste buds.

If you decide to dine in this magnificent restaurant, make sure to have a taste of their Shrimp Cocktail, Asian Chile Spiced Salmon Tartare, Caesar Toast, Tempura Calamari, and Korean Fried Chicken.

Mermaid Lounge

Mermaid Lounge Las Vegas

Ever wondered if mermaids exist? Well in Las Vegas, they do. The Mermaid Lounge at Silverton is one of their famed hideouts. Experience dining near a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that houses 4000 beautiful tropical fish. And, as promised, you will get to see their beautiful mermaids as well.

If you find yourself dining in this ocean-themed paradise, you will love their delectable Fish & Chips, Parmesan Fries, Philly Steak Panini, and their Build Your Own Pizza.


Mizumi Las Vegas

Nothing brings tranquility to the mind quite like dining on a floating private pagoda on a koi pond. As if that wasn’t enough for a picture-perfect dining experience, add a 90 foot waterfall in the background. This dreamlike scene is an actual restaurant in Las Vegas called Mizumi. But the excitement doesn’t end there. This Japanese restaurant will delight you with their robatayaki bar, teppanyaki room, and ocean-fresh sushi and sashimi.

If you ever wander into this dreamy venue, make sure to try their Wagyu Beef and Lobster Roll, Sashimi Plate. Creamy Crab Croquette, Wagyu Gyoza Dumpling, and Angus Beef Filet & Black Truffle Teriyaki.

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