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The Ultimate Las Vegas Bucket List

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 16/04/2021

When you think of lit nightlife, magical scenery, high rolling casinos, luxurious shopping, and spontaneous weddings, only five syllables come to mind: Las Vegas, baby! 

Spanning 352 km of neon lights, this 115-year-old desert oasis has long been hailed as The Entertainment Capital of the World. 

If anyone were to ask us what we love most about Las Vegas we wouldn’t know how to answer that question. Maybe it’s the concept of a bustling city in the middle of a desert and the perfect jumping off point for numerous day trips. Or could it be the VIP treatment and the sense of sheer freedom? 

Or could it be all of these things combined? 

Screenshot this Las Vegas bucket list so the next time you head for Nevada, you can refer to it for a burst of inspiration. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you’ll never forget the awesome memories! 

The Las Vegas sign

Snap a Photo With the Las Vegas Sign

The first thing you’ll see when you roll up to Las Vegas is the iconic sign that welcomes you to the fabulous land of released inhibitions. It’s simply a prerequisite to take a photo standing next to it. Whatever pose you choose, just remember to slay, okay?

Don’t fight us on this one! If you’re worried about looking like a tourist, don’t worry – everyone’s a tourist in Las Vegas. So snap that photo, post it on your socials, and check it off your bucket list. 

Flex Your Moves During Festival Season

Your Las Vegas bucket list wouldn’t be complete without attending a music festival for the ages! If you want to know where all the real gems are, then Exodus has got your back. 

Check out our tips on what to expect for festival season this summer, then choose your player: 

  • 4th of July weekend getaway
  • Summer Love weekend getaway
  • Labor Day end of summer weekend getaway

Experience 360º Views from Vegas’ Eiffel Tower

You don’t have to fly thousands of miles across continents to immerse yourself in an elegant Parisian landscape, because you can experience Paris right here in Las Vegas! 

Once you arrive at the Eiffel Tower replica, you’ll be taken on a glass elevator ride up 460-feet that leads to the 360º-view observation deck. Then, check off this incredibly romantic Las Vegas bucket list item before striking a pose by the Paris Opera House, Louvre, and Arc de Triomphe, too!

Try Your Luck at the Most Iconic Casinos

This one is a given, right?

You simply cannot leave Vegas without trying your luck at blackjack, the slots, or poker at the most popular casinos this incredible city has to offer. You could go home a millionaire or you could strike out, either way, that’s exactly what’s so exciting about Vegas. Just roll the dice! 

Zipline Over The Vegas Strip

I bet you didn’t think you could zipline over the most iconic strip in the states – but think again! 

If you’re not afraid of heights, then ziplining over the strip should be at the top of your Las Vegas bucket list. Grab your adrenaline-seeking friends and strap in for a ziplining experience from 12-stories up – you won’t forget it. 

Party Like a Rockstar at the Hottest Clubs

After getting a fresh new energy charge from ziplining over the strip, you can head back to your hotel to get dolled up to party like a rockstar at Sin City’s hottest clubs. Or, if you’re looking for day drinks and poolside DJs, check out this list of the best beach clubs in Vegas! 

A group of people partying at a summer festival

Channel Your Inner Zen at the Grand Canyon

While Las Vegas is all about partying and living like a baller, you can also book amazing day trips that will activate your inner serenity.

One of the best places to get in touch with nature and heal your soul is the Grand Canyon. This beautiful piece of nature is definitely worth a top spot on your Las Vegas bucket list – so rent a car or a motorcycle, and get ready to explore this natural wonder with your besties by your side. 

Pig Out at a Las Vegas Buffet

Dining at a Sin City buffet is another must-have on your Las Vegas bucket list. If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the wallet, but still satisfying to your senses, you must pig out at least one of the best buffets in the city. 

Relax at a Spa

Shopping, gambling, and partying are as fun as they are tiring. In order to regain your strength and recharge your batteries, we prescribe a relaxing day at the spa. 

Invigorate, renew, refresh, reset. That’s what a vacation is all about. 

Get Married

Most people dream of a beautifully elegant wedding day, wherein all their closest family and friends gather to witness their marriage to their soulmate. 

If this traditional wedding dream isn’t up your alley, then maybe you’ll be more inclined to walk right into a Las Vegas chapel with your special someone and say “I do” while an Elvis Presley impersonator sings “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

If you’re brave and spontaneous enough to do this, we applaud you – but could you throw the plastic bouquet in our direction?! 

What’s on Your Las Vegas Bucket List?

The land of entertainment is so vast and diverse that you’ve barely scratched the surface. After you’ve checked off all our favorites, there’s always room to add more to your Las Vegas bucket list!  

Want to learn more about Exodus music festivals? Reach out to us at! 

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