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17 Reasons Why Vegas Rocks

17 Reasons Why Vegas Rocks

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

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I’m going to Vegas this year for Exodus and I’m beyond excited! I bet you are too. And if you’re not going, I’ve got 17 reasons why Vegas rocks for you!

1. I’ve been wearing a heavy winter jacket for about 4 months now.
Vegas gets HOT. Trust me, I’m ready.
2. I’m a total foodie.
Have you seen the list of restaurants in Vegas?!
3. Three Words: Exodus. DJ. Lineup.




Seriously, with names like Eric Prydz, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto?! I’m dancing just thinking about it. That’s not even half of the lineup this year, and there’s still more to be released! Check out the rest of the line-up here: exoduslasvegas.com/festival-line-up/
4. I haven’t been on a vacation in about a year.
I have the travel bug again. I love traveling, and when you haven’t done it for a year the itch really starts to come back.
5. The Fountains at the Bellagio.
This is probably one of the most visited photo-ops in Vegas. I’m not kidding. Google “The Bellagio Fountains” and you’ll see an entire page of photos pop up – which all look amazing!
6. Shopping
I’m excited for shopping in general. But, I’m gonna be honest – this category is probably going to have to be broken up into different categories. The malls in Vegas are something else.
7. The Best Pool Parties…Ever
When it comes to pool parties, Vegas definitely doesn’t play around. With clubs like Marquee, Wet Republic, and XS, Vegas throws down some of the biggest pool parties in the world. You get to experience it all for just once price. Amazing.
8. The Venetian


9. Grand Shoppes on the Canal – Since we’re on the topic of shopping and the Venetian, lucky for me they’ve combined the two. I can shop at all the best stores and then enjoy a gelato while I sit by the canal.
10. The Forum Shops at Caesars – I told you shopping was going to have to be broken in categories! There are about 160 stores at this mall, and it’s just so pretty to look at. The common areas are open all day and all night, so you’re welcome to check it out during the day, or at night when it’s all lit up. Not to mention, the mall has art galleries as well. It’s really a full package.
11. The Luxor Hotel – The hotels in Vegas are spectacles all on their own. The Luxor is meant to look like one of the amazing ancient Egyptian pyramids that were only fit for pharaohs. This atrium is 29 million cubic feet – it can hold 9 Boeing 747s stacked on top of one another. That’s a BIG atrium.
12. Gambling – I’ll admit, I’ve never been much of a gambler, but I’ve also never tried it in Vegas. I’ll probably start with one of the wimpiest games possible, but I still have to try!
13. The Shows

The Shows

We’ve all seen pictures of Vegas showgirls. But, with acts like Cirque Du Soleil, Celine Dion, and pretty much every insane magician or illusionist you can imagine, it’s hard not to be excited.
14. Walking Around With a Cocktail – Sometimes, all I’d like to do is to walk around the summer heat with a nice refreshing cocktail in my hand. In Vegas, that’s legal!
15. Natural Beauty – Vegas is full of natural surprises. Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, and of course, the Grand Canyon. I’m excited to see at least one of them!
16. Bringing friends – Vegas is the perfect place to go with a group of friends! Lucky for me, some are coming to see the strip with me. Lucky for you, Exodus has group rates so you can bring your friends too!
17. Do I really need a 17th reason?! The countdown on my phone is ticking away…Exodus hurry up already!

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