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Your Long Weekend in Vegas

Your Long Weekend in Vegas

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 24/01/2019

We took a glimpse into one couple’s long weekend in Vegas, and here’s what we found.

As a lot of you already know, Vegas is full of activities and surprises. Imagine trying to see all of the main attractions of Vegas in TWO days…it’s pretty much impossible! So we decided to see what an extra day during a long weekend could get you.

A couple from Vancouver, Canada decided to visit Vegas over the Family Day long weekend in February. They needed a break from the cool, rainy Vancouver weather, so they got on a plane to chase the sun for a long weekend in Vegas.


They stayed at Circus Circus, a hotel located just a few blocks away from the main strip. They weren’t at the heart of everything, but Vegas public transportation served them just fine. They went to see “O” by Cirque du Soleil (hint hint: which sounds surprisingly familiar to one of my previous show recommendations on the blog) for the second time, and it continues to be one of their favourite shows to see. They were then tipped onto the Mac King Comedy Magic Show in Harrah’s, which actually turned out to be one of their favourite shows of the trip. The thing about Vegas is to not be afraid to talk to people and ask around. There are often people promoting lesser known shows around the strip and you can find some awesome deals. Try to talk to a local when you get there – they’ll most likely give you the low down on stuff you probably wouldn’t find otherwise.



If you don’t feel like going to actual shows, then no need to worry; Vegas is an entire show on its own! This couple spent a lot of the weekend sightseeing and going to different hotels because everything is Vegas is simply just THAT grand. Their tip? Bring running shoes. Your feet will thank you later.

And that’s pretty much a glimpse of a long weekend in Vegas! So now, imagine this but probably a little bit more exciting because you have a weekend-long all access pass to all of the best clubs in Vegas with all of the best DJs.

Okay fine…a LOT more exciting!

Exodus Las Vegas runs over the Victoria Day long weekend, and we’ve also made sure to include some extras to make planning your Vegas long weekend a little easier. I’d suggest bundling your trip over the weekend; it saves you a lot of stress and makes it a little easier on your wallet! Of course, we’ve kept that in mind for you and have a travel page where you can book travel packages with discounted rates at Exodus partner venues, or full travel packages with flights, hotel, and admission all in one! You can find them here!

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