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Zipline over Las Vegas on Fly LinQ

Off the Beaten Path: Unique Las Vegas Experiences

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 09/04/2020

If you’ve ever been to Vegas before or at least have spoken to someone who’s been there, then you’ll probably have an idea of some of the unique experiences like Las Vegas casinos, night clubs, pool party scenes, restaurants, spas, and some iconic hotels that are most likely within or near to the bustling Las Vegas Strip. But if you’re reading this article, you’re probably wanting some extra pizzazz for your Vegas visit. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will reveal the most adventurous, thrilling, popular destinations and unique things to do in Las Vegas that are sure to become highlights of your unique journey. Let’s get started!

Release Pent Up Aggression and Just Break Stuff

Two people breaking appliances in a rage room

Most people around the world come to downtown Las Vegas to take a breather. And part of taking this breather is to detox from frustrations. These can be stressors from work, relationships, a delayed flight, a bad night out – anything, really. In Las Vegas “rage rooms,” people from all walks of life can let off some steam while being perfectly safe. Here are some of our top picks:

Sin City Smash

Experience smashing appliances or other fragile items, throwing axes, and participating in a paint war. You can even contact them to create your own custom package.

Wreck Room

Destroy appliances and various other objects using an arsenal of wrecking weapons like baseball bats and crowbars.

Axe Monkeys

Get your hands on a sledgehammer and break appliances and/or glass items. You can also try throwing various weaponry like axes, spears, and knives.

Operate an Actual Bulldozer

Close up of a family posing next to a bulldozer

Have you ever seen bulldozers in construction sites and wondered how much fun it would be to operate such powerful machinery? Maybe you wonder how it would be like to take it for a drive, dig up mounds of earth, or maybe even smash up a car.

Well, wonder no more! Dig This is a famous attraction for the thrill seeker in Las Vegas that will allow you to live out your bulldozer dreams. You get to operate heavy machinery in a giant adult sandbox. And yes, you will get to smash up a car—simply sign up for their “Aggression Session.”

Bounce and Splash on a Floating Playground – And More

Ariel shot of a water obstacle course

Ahhh Lake Las Vegas—320 acres of pristine beauty and an absolute paradise for water sports and other activities. You can mix and match various laidback or thrilling experiences. You can try out paddle boarding, kayaking, yachting and flyboarding. For a more luxurious experience, you can even try having champagne brunch on a boat. And let’s not forget the massive floating Aqua Park where you can run, bounce, climb, and slide to your heart’s content. With such a wide array of things to do, there’s some pretty cool attractions for everyone.

Soar Through the Air Via Zipline

A group of people zip lining across the Las Vegas Strip

One common desire most of us share as a species is flight. This is why many people get excited to experience the incredible views when having dreams about flying or when they ride an airplane for the first time. Although it can be frightening, so many things make it worth the while – like the stunning view, the feeling of weightlessness, and the rush of adrenaline from the speed are pretty impressive. This is why ziplining is so popular across the globe; it mimics that feeling of flight. Fancy ziplining through Las Vegas? Here are some of our top picks:

Fly LinQ

This is the only zipline that flies across the Strip. You also get to choose from four different ways to fly.


Zipline through Bootleg Canyon. Choose from daytime, sunset, or even evening tours.

Get Adrenaline Rush from Extreme Rides

Close up of the Big Apple roller coaster in Las Vegas

Let’s now take a step into the extreme zone. Warning: high levels of g-force up ahead – so brace yourself for these top picks of extreme things to do in Las Vegas:

Indoor Skydiving

Experience what it’s like to skydive without jumping out of a plane. By choosing indoor skydiving, you can float, fly, and free-fall in this giant wind tunnel.

The Strat Thrill Rides

Just imagine choosing from three thrill rides that are situated more than 800 feet above the ground. You can be (1) shot 160 feet up at 45 mph with “Big Shot”, (2) dangling from the side of a building at more than 900 feet above the ground, spinning with “Insanity”, and/or (3) teeter-totter on the edge at over 866 feet above the ground in a unique roller coaster called X-Scream.

Big Apple Roller Coaster

This thrilling roller coaster has more cool things than g-force to excite its passengers. You can opt to incorporate VR into your experience so you can chase aliens and monsters while you soar high above the Las Vegas Strip.


This is an open-air leap from 829 feet above the ground. You will be asked to wear a jumpsuit and harness but that doesn’t make the controlled free fall ride any less scary. As you land on the landing pad though, the experience (and the bragging rights) is heart racing and well worth it!

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