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7 Different Types of EDM for Every Mood

Posted By: Exodusadmin Date: 19/11/2021

Imagine a world without musicor imagine a club without EDM. Pretty dull, amirite?

EDM is not a want…it’s a need

You’re no stranger to the definition of EDM, but for the sake of our lovely uninitiated newbs, EDM stands for “electronic dance music” and is made to be played at clubs, raves, or festivals. 

Invented in the mid-’80s, this lit genre of music has grown more popular by the second. Once you hear it at your fave club, you will surely lose all chill. You already know that EDM is a mood, but what you prolly didn’t know is that there are different types of EDM for every mood. 

Yes, you read that correctly, famthere is so much more to EDM than… well…EDM, because it comes with countless subgenres. 

For our EDM class today, we will be tackling seven of those subgenres that you can vibe and flex your moves to at the club. Cue the music, DJ! 

 Performers on stage at a nightclub in Vegas

1. House

Mood: Happy and chill 

You have most likely busted a move on the dance floor to House music a few times before, as it is deemed as the most recognized kind of EDM. You can distinguish House EDM from other different types of EDM by its more streamlined sound that traditionally features a steady floor of four beats and a LOT OF BASS. 

With roots that stem all the way back to the bright and bustling disco era of the’70s, we guarantee that your wig will be effectively snatched once you blast some happy yet chill House beats from your speakers. 

Just when you thought we were moving on to the next subgenre, we have to inform you that there are 100 sub-sub-genres of House music, and we’re going to address them all in-depth right now.

LOLno, we’re just clowning you guys. Don’t worry. We will, however, give ya’ll the gist. 

Types of House 

House music can be further categorized into the following: 

  • Tropical House
  • Progressive House 
  • Electro House 
  • Deep House
  • Dutch House 
  • Melbourne Bounce House
  • Future House 

Get a Dose of House From: Martin Garrix, David Guetta 


Mood: Soulful 

The vibe of Techno hits different. Being simple and soulful yet anything but basic, this subgenre of EDM will touch your spirit with its repetitive synth chords, subtle drops, catchy snares, and hypnotic melody.

Unlike most club staples, Techno does not focus on build-ups and drops but rather more on a uniform beat throughout the entire track. 

Get a Dose of Techno From: Aphex Twin, Armin Van Buuren 

3. Trap

Mood: Boujee 

This one’s for you, Trap kweens

Trap is basically electronic rap and can be identified by its heavy drops and even heavier melodic synths. Inspired by Hip Hop and Dutch House, you’ll find a bunch of irregularly arranged beats and unconventional sounds in this subcategory of EDM.

Get a Dose of Trap From: Flosstradamus, Diplo 

4. Moombahton

Mood: Tropical 

If you’re looking for some EDM with a little dash of Reggae and a dollop of electronic elements, then you’ll want to turn up the volume on some Moombahton! 

This diverse genre can range from pop and funk all the way to rap, and we’re here for it.

Types of Moombahton 

  • Moombahsoul 
  • Moombahcore 

Get a Dose of Moombahton From: Major Lazer, Jack Ü

5. Trance

Mood: All the feels 

Sometimes, you just want to dance to the beat of your feelingsno vocals, no riffs, no rap, just pure melody. If this sounds like you on a Saturday night in Las Vegas after you’ve had an epic burger and want to work off some calories, then you will love Trance among all the different types of EDM! 

Born in Europe, Trance is kind of the opposite of Techno. Driven by an uplifting beat, prominent build-ups and drops, this party genre will mesmerize and energize you at the same time.  

Types of Trance 

  • Progressive Trance 
  • Psy Trance 

Get a Dose of Trance From: Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, Astrix, OceanLab 

6. Dubstep

Mood: Unstoppable  

Dubstep became a popular kid thanks to its uplifting and energetic beats with vigorously powerful drops and lit synths. This EDM sub genre has evolved over the years and literally lives at the club and music festivals as a mainstay. 

Types of Dubstep 

  • Chillstep 
  • Brostep 

Get a Dose of Dubstep From: Skrillex, Nghtmre, Kode9, Adventure Club

7. Future Bass

Mood: Futuristic 

Future Bass is pretty aggro but cheerful at the same time (we’re not confused; you are…)
This beautiful blend of Dutch House, Progressive House, Dubstep, and Trap is characterized by pulsating synths and every other element you can think of. What can we say? It’s heading towards the future.

Get a Dose of Future Bass From: Illenium, Flume, Marshmello, Cashmere Cat, The Chainsmokers 

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